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Special file: Report months, Israel spies arrested by Egyptian intelligence

1 - "John Dar Lange," nickname for one of the main customers Israeli Mossad, who arrived in Egypt in 1951, a British Jew named Abraham House work with "Mossad" after the founding of the State of Israel in 1948, and succeeded in recruiting Egyptians, of the best known young Jewish called " Marcel Nino ", was Olympic champion known for its contacts Egyptian wide at the end of the reign of King Farouk.
When discovery spy network that carried out bombings cinemas in Cairo and Alexandria and the famous scandal "Lavon" in 1954, I was arrested, "Marcel Nino," which tried to commit suicide twice in prison, was salvaged and submitted to the trial with 11 spy Israelis within the same network, and sentenced to 15 years in prison, and was due to end prison in 1970, but the exchange that took place between Cairo and Tel Aviv in secret in 1968, released Marcel and a number of other spies within a big deal for the freeing of hundreds of Egyptian POWs.
In 1960, I discovered the Egyptian security 5 spy networks after efforts complex and dangerous two-year was known as the media process artist "Samir Eskandarani" which enables collaboration with Egyptian intelligence from dropping 10 spies from heavyweight, and he ran these cells operating within Egypt number large professional Mossad officers from Tel Aviv, Rome, Paris, Switzerland and Amsterdam and Athens through the exchange of confidential letters, and information across a large network of contacts and complex, and therefore resulted in the downfall overthrow the head of Israel's Mossad from office.Spy "suitcase"
Among the issues which indicate to resolve the Egyptian intelligence in the face of a double agent, the issue addressed by the security services twice to Israeli spy named "Mordechai Locke" known as the "Spy bag," where espionage in favor of Egypt for a long time until it was discovered in Rome before a decision is made smuggling mailed diplomat to Cairo, after 33 years of his escape across the border with Egypt.The decision to escalate bag equipped with openings and ventilation where the spy of the plane, en route from Rome to Cairo, but was delayed for later takeoff, moved spy and called on from abroad in Italian, noted a customs movement and voice suspicious inside the bag and inspected, which raised diplomatic crisis at the time with Italy.
He admitted Mordechai Israeli investigations Ptgessh favor of Egypt, then brought him to Israel, where Mossad Oanmoh that he would not receive any punishment, but he was sentenced to 12 years' imprisonment, to his confession of spying for Egypt for $ 100 per month.In December 1994, he returned to Egypt "spy bag" for allegedly tourism, accompanied by Israeli journalist came to portray poor areas and bus public transport crowded, to be published with an article about the trip former spy, but revealed a taxi driver and chased boys country even failed his mysterious in Cairo.
In 1962, I managed the Egyptian security services of arresting Israeli spy for Afjang Lutz and his wife on charges of Email "parcels bomb" to kill German missile experts working in Cairo, is an Israeli of German descent, gave accurate information to Tel Aviv for Russian missiles «Sam», and discovered Egyptian government openings for Israel by chance when President Gamal Abdel Nasser arrested 30 scientists from West Germany in Cairo and was Lutz lives in Cairo with his wife and her parents, and during questioning admitted Ptgessh Egypt and was released after serving three years in prison by replacing more than 500 officer Egypt who were captured in the 1967 war.Setback and gold deals

Then allowed setback June 5, 1967 a golden opportunity to recover Israel spies for the release of Egyptian POWs in that war, in the January 2, 1968, Egypt began releasing secretly spies Israelis, where he traveled Philip Herman to Geneva, Switzerland, while he traveled Victor Levy to Athens, Greece, on 13January 1968 was spies scandal "Lavon" in Egypt, along with Lutz and his wife in Tel Aviv.

During the period 1970 1981, many secret negotiations between Cairo and Tel Aviv, some of which resulted in the release of spies, while others failed .. For example, before the October 1973 war by several months, Israeli security services dropped arrested a spy working for the Egyptian intelligence in Tel Aviv called "Aid", in a delicate and complex process.
When dropped by Israeli security services arrested endorsed, denied the charges, and withstood the torture he suffered, but Tel Aviv was surprised after the October War, specifically during negotiations Kilo 101 request of the late President Anwar Sadat released client Eyed and Egyptian prisoners in return for releasing Israeli prisoners Israel agreed to a secret deal Alforaly held whereby supported traveled to Paris, and returned to Cairo to live with his French wife in a suburb of Heliopolis.

Another deal for the exchange of spies between Cairo and Tel Aviv, took place in secret, did not announce the details only after years of occurrence .. The events occurred in 1974 when arrested by Egyptian intelligence network spies, family members made up of spy Ibrahim Sahin and his wife Anscherah and their children Nabil Mohammed and Adel, and the Egyptian television production story in the series titled "Falling in Beersheba."
The network began its work in Egypt for the Israeli Mossad since 1968, and has been for 7 years to complete broadcast to Tel Aviv military information, economic and social, and after the fall of the network in the grip of Egyptian intelligence, trial was held secret in Cairo, and was sentenced in November 25, 1974 to death by hanging for each Ibrahim Sahin, and his wife Anscherah, and imprisonment for their three children.
In December 1977, has been executed in the spy Ibrahim Sahin, while suspended "Sadat" execution in his wife flowering, and agreed to release it and her three children, and handed over all to Tel Aviv, in a deal for the exchange of spies between Cairo and Tel Aviv at the request of Foreign Minister U.S. at the time Henry Kissinger, before Sadat's visit to Tel Aviv and the signing of the Camp David peace.
Rise Abla abyssIn contrast, there are deals failed and these cases spy gift Rahman Saleem Amer «famous b" Abla Kamel, "which were culled to infidelity marrow and the Egyptian cinema produced a film about her story titled" climb into the abyss "has refused to Egypt offers many Israeli swap spies or Egyptian prisoners in Israel.And was named «Queen of espionage as they took advantage of its stark beauty in carrying out its tasks, and Egyptian intelligence succeeded in arrested after coordination with her father, who was working as a teacher in Libya and sentenced to death.And about Golda Meir said, "It made Israel more than they gave her their leaders", they are not Taatkhabr because of money or economic conditions, but Tkhabrt because they are convinced that Israel is a strong country.
And also saw from 1981 until now several processes for the exchange of spies between Cairo and Tel Aviv, and included defendants in other cases, notably: the fall of the largest network of espionage known as «network Al Musrati» in 1992 in the grip of Egyptian security, and included network four spies were: Subhi Musrati & Sons Majid and another super "David Oovic", were then swapping network "Al Musrati" and then 18 Egyptians were held in Israeli prisons.
Azzam issue controversial
Some consider the issue of spy Azzam Azzam (Israeli Arabs) of the most controversial issues, the Egyptian authorities arrested him in 1996, and sentenced to hard labor for life, and was supposed to end the penalty in 2012.The task of Azzam and his network to collect information on the factories located in the new cities in terms of activity and economic movement and frequency that Azzam Azzam used a new method very They enter Underwear saturated invisible ink coming from Israel. Has rejected former President Mubarak offers Israeli multiple for the release of Azzam, pointing that the resolution was not presidential, but a judicial decision.
The surprise was that sparked considerable debate, the decision Egyptian June 12, 2004 release of Azzam, and frequency at the time that the move was against the release of six Egyptian students, arrested by Israel during the crossing Egyptian-Israeli border, accusing them of hostile action, and previously Egypt refused to replace eight crew Egyptians were Ali ship "Karine" stopped by Israel coasts of the Red Sea in 2002, claiming that the ship was carrying weapons smuggled to Iran.AFor the first time during the nineties, was recruited a drug dealer called Samhan Moses to be a spy for Israel, he worked in his youth in one of the contracting companies doing business in Egypt and Israel and here was his numerous contacts with some officers Mossad known and agreed with them on a deal to bring drugs in exchange for information important for Egypt.Samhan received many lessons in how to get the information, related to the economic situation of Egypt and the Egyptian Stock Exchange movement prohibit the consumption of securities, and saves the information requested and transmitted orally to Israeli Mossad officers.

Life .. Indian trap"Trap Indian" name famous for the arrest of spy Tarek Abdel Razek in Cairo Airport August 1, 2010 while traveling to China, and he had a laptop computer and "Flash Memory" already received the first defendant of the Israeli intelligence, as well as a means hide a bag hand to a laptop computer containing secret pockets for use in transporting CDs, containing files that contain confidential information.
The functions Tariq focused on two axes: the first: recruiting agents in Syria and Lebanon, and the second recruit agents Egyptians, were recruited "Tarek Abdel-Razek" in Southeast Asia ..
Has led spy trap Indian tasks intelligence inside Syria, where he played the role of mediator between the Mossad agent in Syria and Tel Aviv, and was able to transfer information about the life of the Syrians in the capital Damascus and the nature of the security procedures for entry and exit has been blocked publication in that case by Mahmkh felonies security State.
Investigations revealed in the case bearing the No. 650 for the year 2010 Supreme State Security, that the accused Tarek Abdel Razek Hussein coach Alkongovo one clubs, traveled to China within 2006, to look for work, and while he was out initiated the beginning of 2007 to send a message via e-mail for your Israeli intelligence to the effect that an Egyptian resident in China, and looking for a job, and without data, and phone number.
In August 2007, it was agreed Tariq telephone with third defendant Joseph Dimur, one of the elements of the Israeli intelligence service, to meet him at the Israeli Embassy in India, was questioned about the reasons for his request to work with the Mossad and handed over $ 1,500 Transfer fees and residence.
The investigations that the accused has traveled in March 2007 to the State of Thailand at the invitation of the third accused Joseph Dimur, where frequency several times on the Israeli embassy out and his third defendant to the child element of the Israeli intelligence called "hands Moshe" "the second defendant in the case, and who took his training on methods of collecting information by clandestine means, and how to create e-mail addresses.
Began in January 2011, trial Tariq Abdel Razek Hussein, 37, the Court of Criminal Supreme State Security Emergency Cairo, quoted the State Security Prosecution to the three defendants in the indictment that during the period from May 2008 until early August 2010 - inside and outside Egypt - Tkhabroa with the working to calculate the state of Israel with a view to harm the national interests of the country and that the accused Tariq Abdel Razek agreed while abroad with the accused Israelis to work with them for the benefit of the Israeli intelligence and Amdadahma reports and information from some officials who work in the field communications for the selection of suitable them to cooperate with the Mossad.
The Criminal Court issued the Emergency Supreme State Security sentenced to life imprisonment on members of the network, with the confiscation of devices that have been tuned for Egyptian intelligence.
Deal Gerabil
The Council endorsed the Ministerial Israeli mini for Political Affairs and Security (Alkanat) Tuesday, October 24 unanimously on the agreement that was reached between Israel and the Musrwalulayat United for the release of Ilan Gerabil dual nationality (American-Israeli) accused of collaborating for the benefit of the State of Israel, compared to 25 of the prisoners Egyptians in Israel accused in political issues, including three children, were detained and the deal is Thursday, October 27, 2011.The Egyptian security forces had detained Gerabil since May 12, 2011 for spying and inciting sabotage of public facilities.
From time to time, witnessing the exchange of spies between Israel and Egypt, complex negotiations and confidentiality are subject to a number of criteria, including political circumstances, and the relationship between Egypt and Israel in this period, as well as how much and the importance of the information conveyed by the spy and how severe.
Because international treaties such as the Convention "Geneva" on prisoners of war do not include items for spies, and Interpol has no authority over activity or delivery or negotiations spy swap, not subject to trade-offs to the rules or laws or specific protocols but there are some rules and norms relating to the exchange spies, including the delivery to be in sync and on neutral ground or over the limit
Source - Nile News Network