Sunday, April 14, 2013

German hacker designed Android application can hijack a plane!

This application may be more serious application for mobile at all ..
Said Hugo Tissot security expert German and who also works as a pilot civilian, he designed application for Android can hijack a plane by radio signals, which can be used to control the navigation system completely, change the speed, direction, and also control what appears on the screen pilot , and even extinguish the lighting in the aircraft cabin.
Said Tissot in the conference security hack in the box in Amsterdam, the Netherlands that took 3 years of work to design this application, which he called SIMON. And explained the capabilities of the application to attend using system simulation aviation system, and assured Tissot the audience that his program does not work on the system and real- But only on virtualized systems, but the danger still exists where the real system contains many common codes with simulation systems.
Tissot also said that he had to communicate with the European and U.S. authorities also continue with aviation systems designers to take into their account these gaps.
Not Tissot is hacker sole author of white hat who highlighted the gaps in aviation systems, he noted the world Andrei Costainfe last year in the conference Black Hat security security he discovered weaknesses in systems protection system Aviation U.S., and said it is not Balcarthyh, but can be used in tracking and intervention in the messaging system and disrupt signals between the aircraft and ground control room.