Sunday, April 14, 2013

Call President Morsi for interrogation in how to escape from prison and connected to Al-Jazeera

Misdemeanor Court ordered Ismailia Sunday summoned the Egyptian president to ask him about how he escaped from Wadi Natrun prison and asked about how his performance in a telephone call with Al-Jazeera during the interruption of internet networks during the revolution of January 25
, After that a lawyer filed a motion to discuss Mercy as a witness in a case being considered by 234 prisoners escape from prison, during the events of the Egyptian revolution.
The lawyer Amir Salem asked the court to call the Egyptian president and a major military intelligence and public to question them about the remarks of Vice President of the late Egyptian Omar Suleiman which he said that the General Intelligence Service monitored the external elements belong to Hamas, and jihadist groups in Gaza stormed prisons and smuggling prisoners, and reinforced the accusation contact Harbin including Mursi Al-Jazeera via phone (Thuraya) despite sever contacts.
And asked the court earlier to hear the testimony police officials Egyptian they Assistant Minister of Interior for the prison sector, Major General Mohammed Naji, and Director of Prison Administration Brigadier General Sayyed veil and Chief of Detectives Wadi Natroun Prison Lt. Col. Mohammed Abu fast, but they were absent for the second time, prompting members of the defense team to organize a protest in front of a court complex Ismailia to denounce what they called the complicity of power in concealing the truth.
Legally, longer attend Mercy mandatory human rights, according to Gamal Eid, "because the incident has Before assuming the presidency, hence do not enjoy the immunity conferred by the president."
In the opinion of the festival, it is the political point of view, the presence of Mercy bring him gains, which divert attention from being a man who does not respect the law, and appointed attorney general is illegal, "appears nominally respect for the judiciary."
But the festival for 24 said: "Mercy will not attend because he was a tyrant, does not respect the law even on the level of form, a sneaky about the involvement of the parties in the case of cutting military communications during the revolution, and the case is locked drawers in the military prosecutor's office 15 months ago."
The committee provides facts formed after the revolution to search for the culprits in the killing of demonstrators and issues of prisoners from smuggling during the Revolution, and issued a report said committee member Optimizer Bahnasi for 24 he was "a secret and no one knows its contents only body that consider the issue of Mubarak."
Prosecutors asked during the hearing of the issue of prisoners smuggling Thursday chapter in the case without hearing witnesses, but the court headed by Judge Khaled Mahgoub and Aazaviha decided witness Astaa and including Mercy

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