Monday, April 15, 2013

What is the electromagnetic bomb?

Bomb is a type of electromagnetic bombs that release radiation or waves spread at the speed of light. Cause damage and disrupt radar and electronic devices in the aircraft and warships and military bases.Has emerged as the seriousness and the effects of the bomb in the Second Gulf War .. Where the United States is used for the first time - as I mentioned magazine "News-Defense" in the first days of the war .. And possible whereby the destruction of the infrastructure of the operating centers and manage vital information such as radar and satellite communication devices, computers, microwave and television transmitters and receivers. As well as wireless communication devices in all frequencies ..Recall the devices that are vulnerable to electromagnetic pulse damage Balthrip according to the severity of their sensitivity, then finish the categories that are affected by weak:Integrated circuits (ICS), CPUs, and silicon wafers.Transistors and diodes.Induction tools, electric motors.Vacuum tubes: Also known as valves Althermeonah theMineral-coated tubes can easily Is this the type of weapon does not cause loss of life, but it crashes electronic systems in ships and aircraft in the industrialized countries that rely heavily on computers and electronics microprocessor.This weapon works Ir generator, optical or thermal and nuclear effects are usually not more than 10 km from the blast if were not associated with a small nuclear bomb or be specially designed for the production of massive electromagnetic pulse. Survival without damage,