Monday, April 15, 2013

Israel, the capital of the white slave in the world with proceeds of nearly a billion shekels

The latest reports showed the world about the slave trade that the volume of trafficking in women in Israel of approximately one billion shekels ($ 235 million) a year, making it the capital of the white slave in the world
Has been recognized by the Commission of Inquiry Israeli parliamentary prepared one of these reports led by MK Zahava Gal-On, it's happened over the past years smuggling between 3,000 to 5,000 women to Israel for the purpose of their employment prostitution, pointing out that the price of women per ranged between eight thousand and ten thousand dollars.
The spread of this trade in Israel for many years and prospered greatly with the Russian immigration to rise as traders took advantage of the facilities granted by the Israeli government to bring the Russians within its plan to intensify immigration judge, also took advantage of Russian girls hardship and ignorance Boukabia Israeli society.
The report pointed out that Israeli society condones the issue of the white slave trade, which Israel has become one of the first countries affected.
And finally released the U.S. State Department in its annual report on the trade of women and put the U.S. State of Israel at the head of countries that encourage this trade came in the U.S. report that an opinion poll conducted by a U.S. Centers inside Israel came outcome shameful too is that only 6% of Israeli citizens who denounce Judaism reject trade Prostitution at a time when 94% of Israelis approve of the continuation and revitalization of the trade on the grounds that they contribute to the increase in the movement of sex tourism to Israel.
And a large body of reports, respectively on the size of the trafficking of women in Israel, which exceeds one billion shekels per year, making Israel the state target for slave traders white, also addresses reports the economic benefit accruing to Israel through contract deals with traders paying under which fines against sanctions is low, These fines to the state treasury intervention in up to women victims.
The report of the U.S. State Department that the increasing trade of women around the world, with trade volume reached 700 thousand women a year have more than the risk of the first risk sexual who is engaged in the growing pollution of sexual thus responsible for the spread of sexually transmitted diseases different do not forget that sex major cause of the spread of disease such as AIDS !Reports also indicate that Israelis trafficking in women is no longer confined to just inside Israel, it has been shown that there are traders Israelis are members of international networks trafficking in women, they are sent to Canada for girls forced into prostitution there.
Finally Revealed Israeli media reports revealed the arrest of a number of Israelis, on suspicion of membership in an international network working on trafficking in women.And revealed the international media for the many countries of the former Soviet Union criminal processing of call will be filed against the Israeli government over the sponsorship of several international gangs that trade in women.According to published Russian newspapers Finally, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, two of the countries of the former Soviet Union will be signed on the lawsuit, which calls for Israel to cease to care for these gangs and restore women Russians who were kidnapped from their home countries and forced to work in prostitution with the payment of compensation necessary material. All this must strongly we have to face so as not to continue to pollute the environment sexually!
She had been published in previous reports dealing with the issue of women who are victims of the trade in human beings in Israel, where it was found that the Israeli courts prefer to make deals with merchants, getting under the sanctions discounted does not constitute a deterrent to prevent them from further trafficking of women in order to get them to work in prostitution, and keep on business career women as a profession for generating profits for them, especially as the fines imposed on them is not up to the maximum permitted by law, shall not exceed a few thousand shekels, which are often not up to women victims, but to the state treasury.The report stated that Israel has shown in recent years in reports as a target for international trade in human beings, and as a place where women trade (white slave) almost without any hindrance. In spite of repeated statements and various authorities on the treatment of the roots of the case, the women trade was, and still is, the profession of generating profits for the experiments.She had been media reports indicated that the volume of trafficking in women in Israel is still high and has nearly a billion shekels per year!
Reports also indicate that happened during the past years the smuggling of thousands of girls from abroad to Israel for the purpose of their employment prostitution, were sold every girl estimated to be between eight thousand and ten thousand dollars.I have a girls' access to Israel, are raped by employers, and confiscate their passports and their papers probative, and imposes them pay a certain amount is usually a result of their work for a year or more, for the services of housing, food, and protection provided by the mafia. The girls are housing en masse in squalid conditions.The report added that there are about 5.7 million children in the world are victims of forced labor and slavery, while 300 thousand are exploited child Ka recruits in more than one area of ​​conflict zones in the world - was quoted by the Bahrain News Agency.He said the UN report, saying: Nearly 191 million children - between the ages of 5 and 14 years - doing real work in various regions of the world as an effective economic elements.
He pointed out that 40% of them are engaged in serious work.The report described the slave trade that has been across the Atlantic - which formed the largest migration in history - as the first model of globalization; which included regions and continents as diverse as Africa, and North America, and South America, Europe, the Caribbean, and caused the sale of millions of Africans, and exploitation by Europeans .According to statistics published by The Times newspaper were exchanged about 10 thousand women from Eastern Europe, Africa and Asia, and the rate of 2500 pounds for unity among the various mafias that necessity to work in forced labor or work in the sex trade. The number of young people, under 16 years of age, about 5 thousand are employed in agricultural work in rural areas under difficult working conditionsAdmitted to the Israeli Minister of Justice article, Yosef Lapid, the ministry that I have information indicating that traders women in Israel are working on exporting girls to overseas to their employment prostitution.According to the information reported by the reports, the trade in women, are, inter alia, that the merchant Ali recommends women advance, the seller go directly to the woman and raping her, in order to examine the goods, and ultimately women are sold by auction. The data says that the price of every woman between $ 4,000 and $ 10,000, it comes to beauty and enacting, and other data, reached by groups dealing with this issue in Israel, it cost to hire women to pimp about $ 100 a day.
The certificates that have appeared in court files to that every woman forced to receive an average of 17 clients a day, and there are cases of more ugliness forced women during reception 47 clients a day. They work 30 days per month, even in the time of pregnancy, disease or the menstrual cycle. The data shows that about half of trafficked women did not know in advance that they Saban for the purpose of prostitution.The report recalled what happened in Beaulieu 2011 when the surprised shoppers in the commercial market in Tel Aviv, the existence of new goods in a shop viewing windows. Organization has developed an Israeli anti-human trafficking women eukaryotes them Bosaarhn cards ranging between 20 and 40 thousand shekelsThe women stood rotation system in the display window, which is chartered by the non-governmental organization in the middle of a shopping mall in Tel Aviv under the title of a woman for sale.

                                                 Source - Nile News Network