Wednesday, April 10, 2013

MNA: the secret of building the pyramids exist in the Qur'an 1,400 years ago???

As long puzzled scientists and stood helpless in front of the building secrets revealed ... As long as people look to it as a conundrum ... As long as the writers weave around myths and fairy tales ... But the truth finally began to show through modern scientific research ... It's pyramids.New research says that the pyramids were built of mud and heat! It's amazing that the Quran pointed out this fact very clearly and on the lips of Pharaoh ... But before that, let us consider what scientists recently revealed.In its issue on (December 1, 2006) published the Times American news scientifically confirms that the Pharaohs used mud to build pyramids! U.S. study says that the French stones which they are made pyramids, have been poured into wooden molds and processed by heat even took shape almost normal.Scientists say that the Pharaohs were adept in the science of chemistry, clay processing, was the way in which they used a secret and did not allow for one to see it or write it down on the number they left behind. And confirms Professor Gilles Hug and Professor Michel Barsoum that the Great Pyramid at Giza is made of two types of stones, natural stones, and stones are made manually.In research published magazine Journal of the American Ceramic Society confirms that the Pharaohs used Slurry mud to build edifices high Edifices in general, and the pyramids in particular. Because it is not possible for a man to lift a stone weighing thousands of pounds, and this is what makes the Pharaohs use natural stones to build the base of the pyramid, and mud Cast in molds for high stones.I've been mixing clay tempered limestone fireplace Fireplace with salt and was steaming water from which the form of a mix clay clay-like mixture This mixture will be carried wooden molds and pouring in the space on the wall of the pyramid.He has Professor Davidovits subjecting stones of the Great Pyramid of analysis electron microscope and found traces of the interaction of fast, which confirms that the stones are made of clay, although geologists and until recently did not have the ability to distinguish between natural stone and stone made this way, but today they are able to distinguish thanks modern technology, this has therefore Professor rebuilding huge stone in this way within ten days.
Also confirms the Belgian Guy Demortier world and questioned for a long time such research says: After many years of research and study are now sure that the pyramids in Egypt has manufactured this way mud.

 Egyptians used in building the pyramids huge number of stones up to 2 to 2.8 one million stone, says the new study that some archaeologists Egyptians denied scientific evidence New, and claimed that the ancient Egyptians were able to raise millions of stones, which weighs some five or six thousand kilometers g!!! And, according to The Times of America.

 French Professor Joseph Davidovits has had multiple experiences in over twenty years and discovered that the pyramids were built of mud and in particular the high parts of the pyramid where it is difficult to lift natural stones.

 Was conducted extensive research on the Bosnian pyramids "pyramids of the Sun" and show that the stones had made ​​of mud! Which confirms that this method was widespread in the past. (Picture of stone pyramids).

 Image for mold casting stones used in ancient casting stones Pyramid of the Sun in Bosnia, and tell the truth of scientific method certainly casting stones mud was common thousands of years ago in various Roman civilizations or Pharaonic!

Ijaz Koran and was preceded by a scientific

We have noted the Quran in a verse from the verses to the fact of building the pyramids and other tall buildings, and it says: (And Pharaoh said O publicly what you learned from God others Vooukd me, O Haman on clay so let me edifice of Ali briefed the God of Moses and I think it of liars) [Stories: 38]. In this verse referring to construction technique used for high buildings which edifices in the verse: (so let me be a monument) and edifice in the language is a high building.

This technique is based on the mud and heat in the verse: (Vooukd me O Haman on clay) ... Hallelujah! There is evidence to suggest that the huge statues and columns that we find in the Roman civilization and the other also built of mud! It can be said: The miracle of the Koran, he noted way to build edifices of mud and this is what is not known the time when the Quran, that the idea of ​​building the pyramids and monuments, statues and other ancient monuments of mud, did not come up only in the late twentieth century, but the Koran already to put fourteen centuries ago! But why linked to Pharaoh, because the greatest buildings were built of mud are the pyramids!

Who told the Holy Prophet that?

Pharaoh may not have built the pyramid of its own because it was drowned, but used the technical engineering of the building when making a monument up and then destroyed by God after that, and so is the door of scientific integrity, be the Koran first book reveals the secret of building the pyramids, and not American scientists and France. The question is:

We know that the Holy Prophet did not go to Egypt and did not see the pyramids and perhaps even unheard of ... And the story of Pharaoh occurred prior to the time of the Prophet, peace be upon him thousands of years, and no one on earth at the time knew nothing about the secrets of the pyramids ... Not sure scientists that the Pharaohs used mud and heat to build edifices high only a few years ago, how the Holy Prophet predicted by more than 1,400 years that Pharaoh use mud and heat to build the edifice ...

This verse strongly attest to that Muhammad did not come with something of his own, but that God who created Pharaoh and أغرقه and Angie Moses ... Is the one who told Nabih this scientific fact, to be this verse witness to the truth of his Prophethood in this day and age!!