Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Egyptian geologist confirms scientific evidence where Noah's flood occurred Arabian Peninsula

Cairo - ASHA Egyptian Geological refuted Dr. Mohammed Bastawisy associate professor at the University of Um Al-Qura, Saudi Arabia, evidence-based scientific studies hydrological analysis

Satellite pictures of the flood of Noah, peace be upon him Arabian Peninsula than dating the most important event in the history of mankind and the subsequent redeployment of human and configure civilizations Arab region and contribute to the understanding of subsurface water sources that saturated rock layers in the Arabian Peninsula.Said Bastawisy in a statement to the Middle East News Agency said today will deliver his search for inferred place Noah's flood peace be upon him from the Quran and hydrological studies analyzing satellite images at the University of Oxford and British at the invitation received to participate in the work of the round table sessions tenth university in month next July.He stressed that the research did not address to locate the landing ship, but was able to draw an accurate map shows areas inundated by flood and tracks as well as the place of the volcano indicative of the start of the flood, "enlightenment" .. noting that analyzes various conducted on these sediments in different parts of the Arabian Peninsula show that the flood occurred during the period of 11 thousand years until 8650 years ago.He pointed out that the starting point to deduce the location flood dealt search for "enlightenment" or volcano, which is mentioned in the Holy Quran on satellite images, noting that the effervescence that the volcano was noted divine start the Great Flood, and consequently the water pouring from the sky impact on form of volcanic rashes and work on erosion dramatically leaving them only the edges of the volcanic prominent separated recessed grooves to the original surface of the rocks by the volcanic eruption.He added that as a result of this flood formed Lake enormous increased area of ​​one million square kilometers, and was sandwiched between mountain ranges Hejaz in the west and the barrier mountains collarette extended longitudinally central Saudi Arabia before being dismemberment barrier Mountains collarette of flood lake enormous when several places as far apart.Dr. Mohamed Bastawisi that this region comes from the south at an altitude thousand meters almost above sea level to the north so low blue in the Levant at high 570 meters .. pointing out that the sediments of the lake and Arms water flowing them spread in central and eastern Saudi Arabia and Basin Fertile Crescent in eastern Syria and Pvt.He stressed that he is, historically, "Epic of Gilgamesh" by the Sumerians since several thousand years BC is the oldest texts archaeological tells the story of the flood, and after they occur too few thousand years, which indicates that the civilizations of Mesopotamia old began after covering flood most of the island Arab and stabilized the ship on the Mount "Judi" As mentioned the Koran.