Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Egypt has the largest air weapons in the region

The anniversary celebrations of the Air Force, which coincides with the triumph of our air forces in the Battle of military history record of the light of letters. That battle, which lasted
53 minutes on October 14 with the participation of 160 aircraft from both sides shine through the air Eagles courage and resolve and determination and managed to teach the Israeli enemy a lesson to unforgettable been dropping 18
Aircraft in a single day, the largest loss incurred by Israel over its entire history to be completely eliminate the myth of Israel's lies about its air force a victory confirms the inherent metal
Egyptian pilot and individual abilities and enormous sacrifices.On this occasion conducted "Al-Ahram Massai" dialogue with the team Reda Hafez air force commander on the challenges facing the Air Force since the outbreak of the January 25 revolution and keep up with our bezelAir for the development and modernization in the plane and stomach and how to keep our air force on the combat efficiency and perform its duties in protecting the homeland and protect the skies Egypt and how to hit the Egyptian pilotIdeals and role models in the performance of duty under all circumstances when they had the chance to prove oneself, whether in the face of the enemy in the glorious October War or after the revolution, for the elevation of the homelandIt was with this dialogue:- There are two essential elements of combat efficiency of the individual and the stomach. How is achieved through the training methods and combat readiness in the Air Force?The initial foundation for the success of the Air Force in the performance of its functions is the individual believer military doctrine and enjoy high spirits and the ability to control and complete knowledge of his duties in peace and war and FitnessHigh and physical ability to use the latest equipment and those qualities enable the individual to perform his duties with the highest rates of combat performance and less consumption of equipment, arms and ammunition in different circumstances,The our air force to pursue the latest scientific methods in the preparation of the individual within the Air Force Academy fighter was developed after we saw it in the Air Force Academy graduation ceremony this year, in addition toThe provision of medical care and physical preparation programs and continue to prepare officers pilots and air traffic controllers, engineers and technicians in configurations using the latest systems and simulators as well asAid training ground and implement air exercises in conditions similar to those processes and the use of real ammunition processes to achieve the principle of realism in training, also has troopsAir of technical competencies lot that leads to maintain the equipment and aircraft old and modern Air Force operates a policy of preserving the technical competence and technical insuranceAnd implementation of aircraft maintenance and development of the aircraft to increase its combat capabilities and providing navigational and radar devices to emulate the latest modern combat aircraft, so I worked on the Air ForceCreate technical personnel psychological and physical rehabilitation, military and scientific centers in the preparation of technicians using the most advanced training aids and through theoretical and practical training courses heldInternal and external."Air Force Reload"- Development in the area of ​​weapons and aircraft fast and successively. Are there areas of cooperation with some foreign countries to provide us with advanced aircraft in the coming period as well as cooperation in the fieldManufacturing and maintenance?Were not expire October to battle the Air Force began the process of development, modernization and diversification of the sources of arms development plan has gone on stages and in several directions (such as aircraftEquipment, personnel training, technical insurance manufacturing) where we have a whole system of the latest aircraft (American English French Russian Czech ChineseGerman, Ukrainian) capable of implementing the various tasks accurately and efficiently to all the strategic directions of the state, and this aircraft, "F-16" multi-BojialhaFrench aircraft and "Mirage 2000" and the latest training aircraft and aircraft auxiliary (Alvajit) also focused on the development of the capacities and capabilities of aircraft available to it and the largest example of thisDevelopment and modernization of MiG-21 aircraft that participated in the war in October, making it continue in service until now and update existing helicopters in the Air Force and the latest entryOffensive helicopter (Apache) for the service as well as the fleet was renewed in the Air Force transport planes and helicopters and early warning "E-2C" and as well as having directed droneThe Air Force is supplied with all you need to do from aircraft and equipment in accordance with the scheme to modernize the Air Force in progress by the accuracy and stability of this in addition to the huge potential of development forcesWeather in the area of ​​training simulators and insurance commensurate with the technical development and modernization in the Air Force and quality systems and global maintenance and training on all that is new in the worldAviation also been updated most advanced aircraft navigation systems can receive information from the global satellite system to perform tasks with precision, we can say that the troopsEgyptian air including holdings of long experience through multiple wars and glorious Championships, joint exercises and constant updating is considered one of the most powerful weapons of the atmosphere in the region that can not beUnderestimated or Nile them."New tasks after the revolution"- With the revolution of January there were many tasks that involved the armed forces to secure the community. What is the nature of the tasks carried out by the Air Force to contribute to the insurance? Is there training for troopsTo cope with such situations?Since the initial moments of the Air Force contributed through the system of the armed forces in securing the revolution and the revolutionaries, where the air forces to intensify air sorties protection of Egypt on the skyDifferent directions east and north and west and south and to participate in securing vital installations in the country. And against the smuggling of arms and drugs across the border various EasternSouthern and Western cooperation with border guards, especially in the vast desert areas and extremely rugged, in addition to the transfer of courses and certification exams and secure transfer of salaryCapital to banks in various parts of the state.In addition to carrying out its functions numerous and continuing training for all its members. And the nature of Air Force training to enable them to perform any tasks assigned to them day or night."Arab Spring"- In light of the Arab Spring revolutions taking place in the region, which could create a new regional strong beliefs and different streams may affect the balance of power in the Middle East. How do youThese variables Air Force rapid, successive and how to maintain a strong balance air in the region?The Air Force monitors successive political events and changes in the region and political attitudes, as well as international conflicts and disputes between the parties to a single state to stand onThe general orientation of the region and political strengths and weaknesses of emerging and determine the necessary requirements and obligations in coordination with the various competent authorities to ensure the safety and security of EgyptAll the risks and the Air Force is working to get the latest weapons and aircraft and follow the latest methods and techniques in training on modern methods of fighting to keep on fightingBalance with other powers in the region.- Are you affected by the level of efficiency and combat readiness of the Air Force men as a result of the role that they have done such as the transfer of academic certification exams and the transfer of funds to banks.?Resulted in the revolution (25 January) the emergence of new requirements and needs to secure the country internally and externally and to support the stability of the daily life of citizens, where events imposed tasks forcesIncluded air sorties to secure the border and frustration of a lot of smuggling of arms and drugs across the border on various trends also helped in the seizure and arrested on a numberMuch of escaping from prison and sent back as the imposition of the internal security situation of the state by the air forces of the transfer of funds and exams students to the provinces and to the difficulty of securing AliRoad as the ambulance aircraft transfer of patients from all over the country to hospitals to speed treatment, with regard to how to prepare pilots to perform tasksAftyaaro Air Force trained and qualified to carry out these tasks and in what circumstances, and therefore did not affect those tasks on the readiness and combat effectiveness of the Air Force."Threats"- In light of the region's tensions. How to face the Air Force to keep threats to national security and protect the skies Egypt?Air Force has an integrated system of aircraft in addition to the long experience and deep experiences and multiple wars and joint exercises with the ongoing modernization of aircraftAnd equipment commensurate with the task of making the Air Force of the strongest weapons of air that can not be underestimated or the Nile and the implementation of the Air Force sorties border control and addressFor infiltration and smuggling, has already set many of the goods, smuggled weapons and hunt down fugitives and infiltrators across the border, and air forces remain on a high degree of readinessAnd anticipation permanently given the region is witnessing events affect the national security of the country. And our air force is capable of securing all the strategic directions and sources of wealth and maintainAli Egyptian national security and to ensure safety against any external aggression."Joint exercises"- Under the current circumstances. Does the Air Force participate in many joint exercises with many brotherly and friendly countries. Draw benefit from these exercises? Will be planningTraining on cooperation in the face of common air threats?There are many joint exercises with friendly countries such as Bright Star with the U.S. side and British, French and Italian and a lot of other countries and Eastern European and trainingCleopatra common with the Greek side in addition to joint training Faisal with the Saudi side and named Goliath with the Jordanian side and Kuwait, and in part of those exercises areTake advantage of the systems and the various schools of fighting and increased experience, thereby increasing our capabilities to combat various directions, and the implementation of the Air Force aerial effort considerably during these exercisesUp to achieve maximum benefit in all the different exercises, in addition to follow what the other side of the measures in the preparation and the preparation, implementation and management style of hostilitiesOut of the lessons learned and disseminated to the Air Force, has always been our Air Force appreciated the participating countries and appeared in the desire of many countries to participate in thisWorkouts for the transfer of Egyptian expertise.- Air Force has played a significant role in the protection of Egyptians abroad was to transport stranded on the Libyan border. What are the efforts made by the Air Force to protect and transfer of those Egyptians.?The instructions of the Air Force General Command of the Armed Forces to set up airlift Egyptians who are in Tunisia and Libya, day and night, has been coordinating with the parties to the conflict to secureOverflights, also participated in the process of medical aid to patients and injured Egyptians returning from Libya."Development process"- Air Force participates state agencies in support of the development process and to assist in disaster situations. What are the efforts made by the Air Force in this area?Primary task of the Air Force is to protect the homeland skies and hard work and continuous training on all that is necessary to war Bhanb that play an important role for the benefit of the state apparatus and the civil sectorDo not forget that the Air Force did it quick response in the face of natural disasters will always be at the forefront of devices that initiate rapid intervention in the events of floods, earthquakes and pollStricken and isolated areas to determine the size of the losses and the transfer of patients and surgical evacuation of rapid transport and supply relief materials to the affected people as well as fire-fighting planesHelicopters and monitor our shores and our territorial waters from pollution results from ships and Report jurisdictions as our Air Force aircraft involved in the work of national service to our armed forcesIn the field of agricultural spraying, search and rescue, ambulance and medical evacuation and anti-narcotic crops and there is full coordination between the Ministry of the Interior.(Drug Enforcement Administration) and the Air Force, in cooperation with the border guards also implements spatial imaging projects for the benefit of Government and ministries of state for development worksAgricultural / Urban Planning / road transport and air force as you move relief supplies to the countries affected by natural disasters, as happened in Somalia and Pakistan recently."Setting up the pilot"- Air Force Academy Air one of the most prestigious schools in the world. How is the attention to the process of education and training within the college to train generations of pilots armed with science and knowledgeAnd experience?Highlighted the battle of October lesson can not lose sight of him that the plane the pilot and the not by plane pilot and here comes the heavy emphasis on the training of pilots since the air attend college and throughWork formations air, Air Force Academy has witnessed great development in the field of study in order to prepare pilots at the highest level militarily, scientifically, where rehabilitation includes scientificThe different types of aviation science and computers in addition to the military rehabilitation where it represents the basic rule adopted by the rehabilitation phase of the flight that scientific gradedIn level until the advanced stages to ensure the full mastery of the martial arts atmosphere, has been updated fleet of training aircraft air college to follow global developments in aircraft such asTaúrrh jet (K8) which are manufactured in Egypt and the plane Group, as well as advanced training on simulators that mimic reality, just as the Air Force to follow the latestAfter graduation scientific means where they are cared for medically, physically and increase their ability to perform combat missions with high efficiency, we also have the finest schools as well as air combat system evaluation of the resultsAir battles, one of the latest systems in this area with the use of the latest simulators in various fields, in addition to the planned internal and external missions and training coursesEgypt and the various countries of the world in all disciplines, visits and sustained and effective participation in joint exercises.- After graduation and the integration of the officers inside the air formations. How is prepared within the Air Force to keep up with ongoing developments?There are ongoing plans for permanent training and preparation for pilots, whether internal or external rehabilitation programs through scientific (theoretical, practical), according to the difference scheme and special coursesVarious cost effective aircraft as it has been providing sophisticated simulations of modern aircraft to increase the combat efficiency and cost savings, and we have to fight School the last air was reachedArts of war and advanced air combat as training We also have a system for evaluating the results of air combat, one of the latest systems in this area, in addition to visits and programs to benefit foreign missionsFrom the experiences of different countries as well as participate in various exercises and drills with sisterly and friendly countries to sharpen skills and become acquainted with the weapons and methods of warfare.About Bright Star maneuvers it been canceled or not the team said Hafez satisfaction that what has happened is that the exercises were postponed only and is not canceled due to the conditions experienced by Egypt in the timeCurrent and postponement for only 5 months.On the situation in Sinai, said the team kept that satisfaction Egyptian Sinai land and aircraft patrolling to secure its borders without the permission of one, according to the security requirements and follow-upSecurity is around the clock to provide all the requirements of the Egyptian national security and pointed out that the Air Force has succeeded in controlling many of the elements that