Wednesday, April 17, 2013

"Arab": bomb blast in Boston .. Pressure Vessel COOKED explosives

Explosives used by terrorists have been placed at the line end of the "Boston Marathon" was inside a pressure cooker with screws and metal balls, and placed a bag of black cloth thick of the kind that are carried on the back, according to Richard de Laurier, in charge of the "Ave. Me. Aye "to supervise the investigations did not reveal what satisfies curiosity until dawn on Wednesday, only that the bombing was a kind of" COOKED explosives "Small Appliances, so it did not kill the little, despite the occurrence of a large crowd from the crowd.And emphasizes "simplicity" of explosives, is what I said Boston Police on Tuesday it was found bags of black nylon, used domestically to lay waste to hide at least one of the two led to the explosion poured into the impact the police to find a few dead with wounded dozens, who were amputations 20 of them so far at least, for the large number stitches where screws and balls iron, which confirmed the investigation that the bombing was by pressure cooker, has been identified to capacity, which is 1.6 lbs, any 725 grams, barely nine chickens ordinary, which is what was the size of the explosives.This information was confirmed yesterday also an official close to the investigation, the news agency "Associated Press" what he said, without having to remember his name, in addition to that investigators began to wonder about the purpose of the bombing, if not to intimidate all, because with the filler pot with nails and metal balls to kill A number of people, but the explosion did not kill only old child 8 years and the last 28 years, and the third graduate student did not mention Boston University named in the statement, nor his nationality or age, too, as there has been a new briefed him "Arab. Net" of the U.S. media today announced the exclusion of investigators of Saudi Mptos Abdul Rahman Al Harbi completely from the circle of suspicion.
Arab: Morocco famous "cooker explosives" pressure vesselsAnd half or blasting Btunajer pressure bomb is a weapon of terror weak, because it is the easiest thing to be, because the development of packaging which is such as placing food intended for cooking completely, with the difference necessary is linked Bmahdd of time required, with controlled remotely, Xaah digital unit or regular dumbfounded cell phone, and then lead a high pressure inside the extrusion mine, "Alharpnl" updated for the bombing, and the few seconds a few spoke of the disaster, which was filled with explosives, which screws and bolts and metal balls shaped protrusions and sharp cutting small volatilized and carried out to the victims as bullets and more.And months, "Cook explosives," Arabic Btunajer pressure, according to the revised "Arab. Net" in the archives of terrorism, is a Moroccan Adil Othmani, bomber cafe "Argana" Who was it on April 28 / April 2011 in the city of Marrakech, it was stated when the police arrested him with 3 others week after he learned to make explosives from the Internet, then the processing of "recipe" of the two cans, and with them, put screws and cut a mini iron to damage more, like pepper and spice on the "broth" that govern the remote phone mobile latest by an explosion, killing 16 people and wounding 21 others, including Moroccans and tourists of different nationalities.The Ottoman Empire is not the oldest, Vqublh and after the world learned cookers pressure terrorist many, the first cooker was discovered in 2000, before it explodes Year's Eve in the "Market Christmas" Middle French, and on the impact, police arrested 10 Islamist militants, and after the event was the first bombing of the cooker out of which encumber of explosive materials, screws and the like in the market trademarks Bogustus / August 2002 in Kathmandu, capital of Nepal, but did not kill anyone, but destroyed shops and launched era pots explosive.Then in March / March 2006 used terrorism cooker third in a temple in northern India, it exploded and killed 5 in the "basket" of terrorist attacks fell by 20 people that month, followed by a fourth in March / March 2010 attack, the Taliban used the American base to aid in northwestern Pakistan, killing detonated 6 Pakistanis, mostly spent with nails and screws and cut metal inside was as deadly blades.Then relieved the world of pots bombs almost 5 years, according to the Inbox for terrorist operations small reviewed by "Arab. Net" Also, to be used one in May / May last year, but police discovered prior to implementation, and was huge and equipped to make a bomb big in the field of "Times" in New York, followed by one in October / October last year, French police foiled also detonated ago in a Jewish grocery near Paris. The last pots was in February 13 last year, and left "Tbouktha" explosive 5 dead in northern Afghanistan.Saudi scholarship comes out from the circle of suspicionThe Saudi wounded bombing, Abdul Rahman al-Harbi, who is still in hospital in Boston, which was "Arab. Net," first published pictures yesterday, he recounted station "CNN. That. That" the police searched the apartment which is home to the fifth floor and checked devices used, from a mobile phone and laptop and iPhone and others, did not find any references to it relates to the organization of a terrorist or even the possibility of his participation bombing Boston, while speaking newspaper "New York Post" to his friend resident with him since 5 months, which Mptos Saudi like him and his name Badawoud, and the like 20-year-old Also, Vmdha and recounted that a peaceful inclinations and away from all the stress and deflection.As I mentioned the magazine "Foreign Police" on its Web site information Astmdtha from sources close to the investigation confirm that the war "is no longer for the police or within the target interest", which means that it has become free from accountability. It quoted James Clapper, director of national intelligence, as summed up in a closed session yesterday in front of the National Security Committee of the U.S. Congress, the repercussions of the bombing and the information with him, and stated that the war is no longer known of the radar investigation.