Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Pharaohs first performed brain surgery!!

The Egyptian surgeon concluded that the Pharaonic civilization suffered no injustice faced by other civilization because of ignorance, "especially of children who do not many of them know that the oldest brain surgery in their country's history has more than four thousand years."
In this context, says surgeon handsome Sisi in a book titled "Egypt taught the world," he saw in the Department of Egyptology at the British Museum skull in a glass box that says "Operation Terbna surgery surgeries brain ancient Egypt 2000 BC," was in front of two women, said one for the other, "Look brain surgery BC .. Where England were in deep this time? ".
And tells in his book, the experience of participating in a conference in Cairo organized by the National Research Center in Egypt, in conjunction with the University of Manchester, England under the title "pharmacy in ancient Egypt," and he demanded in his research on drugs used by the ancient Egyptians in the treatment of diseases of the urinary tract and masculinity, change the name of schistosomiasis to Name a disease of Egypt, because Egypt is the disease discovered by a German doctor Theodore Bilharz thousands of years.The book records that the ancient Egyptian schistosomiasis gave the name "SHUAA", as defined by sucking worm found in liver, blood and dubbed "liberated." Also reached to medication which Alontomin and make medications enema instead of injections, because Egypt did not know injection in that period.
Sisi argues that the only history that became noted studied by the whole world is Egyptology books including "Medicine in Ancient Egypt," "The Medical Examiner look at love and sex" and "Egypt, which you know not."It reviews the author what he describes as historians Spirit Egyptian which envisages moderation and move away from militancy, says that "Egypt taught the world of moderation in all things, Vakarm center between extravagance and avarice, courage compromise between cowardice and recklessness, so it was Islam Egypt different from the Islam of other countries, as well as Christian Egypt, too. "It also says that Egypt has resisted all overdo it though imposed, recording Satire Egyptians in the tenth century AD on the Shiite Aziz Bellah - a governor claimed prescience - and left in the mosque card says "injustice and inequity we like and not blasphemy and folly .. If you are aware of the secrets given, tell us from the writer of the card? ".
Attribute mile Egyptians to moderation and reluctance of extremism to their love of life, citing the words of the author of the famous book about ancient Egypt "the dawn of conscience" of the Archaeological American James Henry Breasted that he did not see the people I love life Kalshab ancient Egyptian, "has denied the death and rejected the idea of ​​the courtyard death, was faith in the resurrection of life after this life. "And Sisi also records impressive French scientist who managed to deciphering ancient Egyptian language, Jean-Francois Champollion, where he said "imagination falters and falls motionless under the feet of the ancient Egyptian civilization."