Thursday, April 4, 2013

North korea has launched nuclear strike - breaking news

Another North Korea's nuclear test was in 2013 and the maximum was optimistic that analyzes nuclear bomb payload 10 kilotons.

And these load deterring follows (in order to prevent prolong and format the report was shortened): -

Comprehensive damage radius (explosion and radiation pressure and high temperature):
(km 1.77 / (9.79 km ²
About 10 km 2 Did you know that the area of ​​the United States of America 9.83 million km 2
Did you know that when North Korea of nuclear bombs estimated 10: 20 bomb and an estimated 10,500 American yes 10 thousand bomb Any there is no comparison of the foundation.

Did you know that Korea does not have the means to deliver nuclear weapons to the heart of America's territory!!
.. Either possess the technological capability to load in ballistic missiles and nuclear head protection technology when you re-enter the atmosphere .. Been questioned by Western experts that the technology is available to have!!

Even hitting what little damage nothing (in terms of nuclear wars are wars of survival) you can imagine the reaction of America North Korea may be erased from the map

What is the point of these threats and why America is silent no one knows

When will understand how to plan and plot?!!